Friday, April 10, 2015

Boyd's Birthday Trip: Sunny Cedar Rest

Next stop:  local cemetery. 

Lest you think this was a scheduled stop, let me explain.   My husband and I have this (not sure how to describe it) tendency to visit cemeteries.  Sometimes it is planned, sometimes it is just happenstance.
Happenstance would be the case for this visit.  We were driving along the road and I saw the cemetery up on the hillside.  Of course, the detour happened immediately.

It turned out to be an absolutely fascinating stop.  It also helps explain how our two hour drive to City of the Rocks took about five hours before we actually arrived. :)

 Found this little treasure just as I stepped out of the truck.
 The horseshoe is the gate closure.

 The first of many creative designs we found on all the graves.

 Always a convenient find, an outhouse!

 There were quite a few teeny tiny headstones.

 You photobombed my shot on this one husband, don't blame me that you are on the blog.

 One of MANY Durfee graves listing military service.

 Notice the small metal grave markers. 

 This cemetery 100% reminded me of the Jensen, Utah cemetery before they planted grass.
 This is the grave of a 9 yr old girl.

 Front side
Back side
They even had the spot where all the old plastic flowers were disposed, just like the spot in Jensen I would scrounge through as a little girl with my aunt Elsie.
 Honestly, the cemetery alone was worth the drive!

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