Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June Random

One evening, all the goats decided to lounge under Boyd's truck.

 Crazy goats!
 The lights in my princess palace.

 Two not helpful dogs.  Laying on my ground fabric while I am trying to lay it down doesn't help at all.

 I took Front Runner the first time ever!  It was so easy and peaceful and much better than driving myself to the conference in Provo.
And, at the conference, this presenter reminded me so much of Anndee.  Same mannerisms, voice and expressions.  Too crazy! 

First Canoe Ride

Finally had a chance to take the canoe out.  I even when dog-less. 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Making Friends

Take a good look...
 A little closer...
Yep, that's Laddie, Boyd and Belle.  All sitting together and nobody got hurt.  Progress!
 And, what have we here?  Boyd and Mazie!  All seems calm and peaceful.
 Laddie jumps in on the fun, pretty sure he is jealous.

 Good times!