Saturday, April 18, 2015

Boyd's Birthday Trip: Circle Creek Trail

Circle Creek Trail was listed as an easy hike that can be accessed from two different parking lots.  We headed out on the trail and noticed that it quickly went down hill.  It was nice and shady and had really great views, plus got you right up close to huge rock walls. 
We walked down the trail for a bit until we decided that we didn't really have time to hike to the end and then go all the way back. 
Since we thought the trail went down hill to the other parking lot, Boyd volunteered to go back UP, get the truck and pick me up at the lower parking lot.
Sounded like a great plan!
Except that not long after he left, the trail leveled off for a short bit and then started UP hill.

There certainly was a little creek in the bottom.  It ran over and through the rocks.

I couldn't believe how fast Boyd made it back to the truck, down the road and down the trail from the other direction.

It was fun!  I would do it again.

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