Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Boyd's Birthday Trip: Strevell, Malta, Elba

The trip from our house to City of the Rocks was supposed to take just over 2 hours.  We, of course, took much longer because we certainly were in no hurry and wanted to enjoy the journey. 
We made a pit stop in Snowville and then headed out of town west, towards Strevell which is just a burned down gas station and an old wooden building.   We ended up taking the scenic byway that starts outside of Malta and wound our way down to Elba before entering Almo. 
Just outside of Snowville we saw this herd of antelope. There were so MANY!  The pictures just show a small part of the herd.

 Then when we were near Strevell, Boyd noticed this Golden Eagle eating a rabbit.  Actually, what was obvious were the many crows in the road.
 After they scattered, the eagle remained eating.
 Of course, he flew off when we backed up to get a picture.
 Poor little rabbit.
A whole lot of wide open spaces!

 A few more historical markers.

 This building is in Elba, the bell is from the old school.

 I took quite a few of these photos as we were driving by.

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