Sunday, September 30, 2018

Diabetic Toes

Starting the end of December 2017 and continuing through to about the end of August, we were dealing with Boyd's diabetic ulcers on his toes.

End result?  Amputated tip of second toe, right foot.  Amputated (slightly more than half) big toe on left foot.  All 2nd-5th toes tendons clipped so toes will lay flat.  Could have been much better and also could have been much worse.  For now, we think we are past the worst of it and shouldn't need more surgery unless Boyd chooses to amputate part of his big toe (right foot) that is crooked and enlarged.

The following pictures are possibly not in chronological order and are not for anyone with a weak stomach.

 Almost healed!
 Weird rash like sores also appeared.
He wore boots that were supposed to help and instead they wore a sore on the bottom and top of the toe.

 After amputation of 2nd toe, sometime end of April.

 Boyd doing his own bandage job.  I mostly did all the bandaging.  We did have a home health care nurse visit twice.  Long story and not needed.  More trouble than it was worth.
 He had to keep his feet up and non-weight bearing for SO.MANY.WEEKS!  Good thing Laddie kept him company.
 And, if the toes aren't shocking enough.  Here is a shot of our cats after we had them shaved to withstand the heat!
 The week before this toe was amputated.  I was in Washington and got a daily photo.  :)  He went septic not long after I returned.

 After amputation.  He spent two days in the hospital with the wound open to drain infection.  Received I don't know how many rounds of IV antibiotics.  Went home with some potent oral antibiotics and missed out on watering hay, corn and hauling 2nd crop.   Boyd took antibiotics practically non-stop from December to September.  Not good, but I guess we had no better choice.
 Had pins in two toes.  Slept with walking boot on to keep pins from catching on sheet and ripping out.  Looks like he stuck his foot in the swather to me.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

September 29 Walk

September 29 - Walk

My husband has been complaining that his favorite blogger is once again dead.  Probably true.

Harriet, Laura and I have done a decent job of walking most nights this summer.  We've survived mobs of mosquitoes, curious and clever escape cows, frustrating flies, smoky suffocating air, a deer chasing dog and some very sly foxes.

The sunsets have been beautiful and we are full on in to the fall light that can't be beat!

 Laura called this the Mary Poppins shadow shot.  If you look close you can even see the poop beard dog. 

Monday, September 10, 2018