Friday, December 31, 2010

Tchau 2010

 Some people take the last moments of the year to wax philosophical.  Not me.  In fact, I haven't even bothered with goals for the new year.  It is less depressing when you miss if you don't bother to aim in the first place.
 It was nice of 2010 to end on a sunny day.  We've had two in a row as a matter of fact.  Sunny days are so much better for my mood than overcast days are, even if they are colder.  It was 4 degrees tonight.  That's cold, but beautiful!
 Some things around here never change, no matter the year.  Buddy will always be staring down his goats. 
 And patiently waiting.

 And Jasmine will continue to get snow between her toes,
 because she loves to cover a lot of territory looking for something to chase.
 But, this looks cold to me.  I bought her some of those fancy dog booties the first winter she was on the farm.  It didn't take her but 30 seconds to lose them in the snow.  We didn't find them until the snow melted in the spring.

 She is always has her nose to the ground, sniffing out mice.
 Just a job hazard I suppose.
        A whole forest of flocked trees. 

Bem Vindo 2011!


Since my mom is too far away to throw her a surprise birthday party, the best I can do is a surprise blog.


Sorry about the resolution.

4-Generation  My mom, Great-Grandma Hasler,  Grandmother Lucille Watkins, Me
Leave my mom a birthday comment on this blog, just don't say anything about how I look like her or act like her.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shades of Boredom

Ever wonder what color boredom is?   Yep, it's gray.  I bet you knew that and since that is the color of everyday life around here lately,  my only choice seems to be bored.  And a bored Becca is a bothersome Becca.  Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of things I should be doing.  I just can't get motivated.  Even my brain seems to be on vacation.  And that intro should explain the randomness of these pictures.
 The goats (and most other ruminants) waste a lot of hay picking through it and only eating the flakes.  Chopping it is one solution. We could have bought a hay chopper that you hook to a tractor for thousands of dollars, instead we spent $6.99 on this machete knife.  Can you believe that I wandered through Smith and Edwards with this in my hand and no one looked twice?   I was scared of chopping off my own leg.
 Now, I spend a little extra time and chop it myself.  It is very therapeutic and good exercise.   Even Boyd takes over for me 'cause he likes it too.  I don't' know if it is saving hay, but it is fun.  That is until someone pokes an eye out or loses a finger.  Don't worry Mom!

And now for shades of gray...

 My new boots (Bogs).  They are so warm and you gotta love the flower pattern.

 I took this shot of my boots lying on my back with my feet in the air.  It isn't easy when you have two dogs licking you on the face simultaneously either.

 No, not upside down.  I told you I was bored.  I took these lying on my back.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Is For The Dogs

My dogs were really good about leaving the presents alone under the tree whenever they were in the house.  So, when it was time for them to get their presents, they were a little confused.  Jasmine figured it out, Buddy didn't seem to care.  He only eats rawhide bones after Jasmine softens them up first and then he steals them from her.  It took Jasmine until today to get a good start on a bone that size. 
Dogs are so much easier than kids.

Winter Sunset

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a ...

white day after Christmas.  Okay, so I wasn't really, but I got it anyway.   You'd think I would have taken a lot of pictures on Christmas, but not so.
My sister Melissa modeling one of the headbands my sister Laura made for the residents of Melissa's pod.

Can you make out the nativity scene in the ornament?

Decorating my dad's grave.

It looks like we stuck a bush on top.

The view of the cemetery with new snow.

Nativity on the lawn of the Brigham Tabernacle

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just Practicing

This is a bunch of mini videos I took while practicing with my new camera. And, as a bonus, it is something else for my mom to watch on Christmas Eve.

Which Way Is North?

I was always taught that moss grows on the north side of trees and to use that bit of knowledge to find my way out if I ever became lost in a forest. 
We've had so much rain that we have moss growing all around the trees, including the SOUTH side.