Thursday, September 7, 2017

Not Much Blooming

Garden is struggling.

Flowers are struggling.

I'm struggling.

Today I choose to blame it on the excessive heat and smoke.

I few shots of what has bloomed this summer.

 Just a cool pattern after the hay was all sold.
 Laura's lily.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

What's New With Boyd?

Well, not much actually.  Since this man doesn't like change, it's all pretty much the same old, same old.

Lighting fires...

 He eats a yogurt a day.  My friend at work found this on the top of her Tillamook yogurt, exactly the same brand Boyd eats. 
 Wouldn't you know it, later that day Boyd found the exact same message on his yogurt.
And, speaking of tractors, here is a long lost video I don't think I have posted before.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

What's Up in the Neighborhood

I took this shot the night I was hoping to do the Baton horse photos. Beautiful sunset that night!
 One Sunday, we watched a fire burn on the hillside below Honeyville. It burned for quite a while.

 Another morning, as I was doing my chores, I just had this eerie feeling I was being watched.  Sure enough, I glanced at the haystack and saw a the black head of a cow staring back at me.  I finished the chores and got a closer look.  About 15 head were roaming around on our farm and the neighbors.

 One morning a got a text from my neighbor asking if I new what was up with all the cop cars.  Pretty sure she thought I had called and reported on the neighbors for something.  Nope, wasn't me.
Turns out a plane landed in the field.  Not sure of any more details than that, but it drew a crowd.
 One evening we watched our neighbor take his crane down the road.  Of course, we were curious.  Next thing you know, we see this off to the west.
 I decided to bike down and be snoopy.  My snoopy-ness resulted in a basket ride up about 70 - 90 ft high.
 Jess even took a turn with our cute neighbor girl.

Jenn and Kim are at the end of this video riding up.  Wendy and I are the goons talking at the first.

Monday, September 4, 2017

August - Random

I have become such a lacadaskical blogger recently  for quite some time now.   Just a small part of a bigger life motivation problem. :)
I've even stopped taking as many pictures as I normally would.

I have, however, spent a lot of time this summer on my bike with this dog underfoot or biting at my foot while I pedal. 

 We just finished hauling 3rd crop and for us, last crop, hay.  This photo is likely from 2nd crop.  I had a hard time staying focused as the truck driver.  I also broke a bale and pulled the truck out of the stack yard with hay still on the bed.  ???  With all of that, I still didn't get fired.  I don't know what my deal is, but my brain is struggling to function.

 I've been night irrigating at few times.  The mosquitoes love me.  Pretty sure Boyd invites me simply to be a decoy!
 We've had clouds roll in on and off all summer, but have had no rain to speak of all season. The Kochia is everywhere!
 It hasn't even cooled off much at night. 

Then, there's this crazy dog.  He doesn't respond if you throw a ball for him or to him, but leave him alone with one and he is entertained for hours.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Wrestle - Mania Every Single Morning

Every morning when I let the dogs out, the crazy one insists on a wrestling match.  I feel bad for Jasmine, but then again, I am not sure she minds it actually.

Fuzzy iPhone zoomed in photos.

And proof that one time this summer at least I went for a walk.  I really, really, have a strong aversion to heat!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

One and Only Boat Trip... So Far

We've only been out in the row boat once so far this summer.  We couldn't even get to the river until the first part of July.  Then, I had to convince my husband to install the new oar locks he got me for Christmas.  Not to mention that this is has been the hottest summer on record and rowing a boat with the sun beating off the water isn't my idea of a good time.

Hopefully, September manages to cool off at some point and I will be more motivated to get on the water.

The one and only time we went was the second time ever for Laddie.  Jasmine is a pro at it, she loves the canoe or the row boat.  Whichever one, just as long as she isn't left behind.

Laddie REFUSED to cooperate when we tried the canoe.  He would only hop in if he could jump straight on my lap.  If I tried to coax him to sit in the canoe with Jasmine, he just hopped right back out.

The boat was different.  This he was willing to climb in and stay in. The only problem was both dogs would stand on the same side, shifting the balance of the boat.  I found myself sliding along the bench opposite of them to keep things stable.  I suppose that just gave me more exercise which is why I do it anyway.

 I would have more pictures of Jasmine, but she likes to ride up front which is at my back.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Batons and Horses

Roger had asked me to take some photos with his family on horseback for quite some time.  We never managed to get it organized until a couple of nights before Taylor left for the Philippines.  I did a few edit versions of the same image, so there will be a photo overload.

 Lisa didn't love this trick and I had to hurry to get the shot at all.  I wish I could have managed to get all the girls and horses in the frame.
 And,  a unicorn horse to delight the youngest girl.

 It was getting way too dark for these last photos and so they are blurry beyond repair, but it is what it is.