Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Random Scenes from March

A nice golden sunset.

 A crazy icicle bent by the winds that never seem to end around here.
 And poop, yes poop on the edge of the water tank.  Raccoon?  Skunk?  Just perched there with no explanation.
 And, a very greedy dog.

 My garden  in early March.  I have planted peas, greens, radishes etc.  They are all struggling.
I added two more tire planters. 
 I don't get it, but the dogs can chew a can to shreds and not even cut their mouth. ???
 Here's hoping April has warmer weather, less wind and plenty of time to spend relaxing.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Maggy Play Date - 3/31

Max left with Autumn Saturday morning.  Thinking that Maggy would need some entertainment and KNOWING that Laddie needed to burn off some energy, we had a doggy play date.

Maggy stayed for about 5 hours.  We took a quick walk down to the river.  Can you see Maggy in the trees?  She's staring at the river.
 So is Laddie.
 And Jasmine.
What's so exciting?  Just a very quiet fisherman making his way around the bend.

 They didn't bark or make any ruckus.  Everyone just watched and waited as the boat passed out of sight.

Scenes from March

Monday, April 2, 2018

Goats - February 17

No better subject to post about after a blogging hiatus than the crazy goats.
 The black stripe on the back is from rubbing under the equipment.
 You just have to appreciate their snuggles.