Sunday, July 16, 2017

Corinne Parade 2017

This little parade seemed to be even smaller this year than others.  It is still fun nonetheless.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Canal

I'm not going to share too many opinions, mostly just facts about what happened to the canal.  I'll show pictures and let you decide what you think.

This is a picture Boyd took after they came through with their big trackhoe and cleaning pipe thingy.
 The result of them pulling dirt out of the canal to make it wider was that our drain ditch was filled in by the dirt that fell off the bank.
 Boyd spent two days in the hot sun cleaning it out.  Our neighbor shares the drain ditch with us and he was watering when they plugged up the drains. 

 Then, a couple of days later, we get a phone call from the same neighbor saying that they must have broken the actual drain pipes because all the water is going out of the canal through our drain pipes. So, they came in with this pipe contraption to solve the problem for this season. 
 We just happened to walk along the canal a day or so before they came through doing the "improvements" so I have great before and after shots.   These are the before.  Notice the width of the actual canal and how much bank we have.

 Here is what it looked like after Boyd cleaned out the drain ditch.   Notice the big muddy bank.
 And, the shot from before walking along the same part that is now a muddy mess.

 Then, one morning we show up to change water and our neighbors lawn and old house are flooded.  They had pulled out the covering for the pipe that he sometimes uses to water his lawn.  The whole area was a complete mess.

This used to be a road you could drive on to access the canal and check water levels.  As of now, it is impassable.
 After they cleaned out the canal, the swung to the other side and pulled dirt up to widen the canal road.  It basically resulted in a drop off instead of gradual bank.


 The main area where they broke through the field drains. 

 You can see how much dirt they moved with Boyd as a benchmark for a size comparison.
 They said it would solve the moss problem, but we still saw plenty of moss in the canal.

 Everywhere the track hoe went now has about a 30 degree slope and a huge crack along the edge of the road.

 Neighbor's flooded yard.

Trying to close off what they opened up.