Sunday, June 14, 2015

Making Hay Cause The Sun Is Finally Shining

I found this information on The Phrase Finder regarding the origin of "making hay while the sun shines".
This line from the website cracked me up, "Modern machinery and weather forecasting make haymaking reasonably quick and stress-free." 
Just ask my husband how stress free it has been for him lately.   Maybe more stress free than in Tudor times, but still stressful nonetheless.

At least, 1st crop is finally cut.
It is tall and thick!
Should make for MANY, MANY bales to haul.
Gotta love adding some neighbor's trash to the yield.
The fields near the house are terraced.  Creates a weedy ledge, but what do you do?
Thanks to Boyd's TLC this swather does the job every year.

Boyd let me know he scared a turkey up out of the field.
He had moved on to the road by the time he was spotted again.

Now let's hope it dries well and gets baled and hauled before it rains again.

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