Friday, June 5, 2015


Still posting old news, but when the river was flooded from all the rain, we had some jumping carp. 

I even saved one from being stuck in the pipe while doing a live web chat with my students.  They thought it was hilarious and amazing at the same time.

This actually the broken pipe, which was causing all the swirling water,  that Boyd pulled out with his backhoe.  
 A poor catfish that didn't survive.

 And in random news, I got my bike tire fixed.  Yipee!
 Snake skin, but no sign of the snake.   However, there was about a week where we saw a snake about every day.
 A dead carp, hopefully not the one I thought I saved.
 The corn spent most of May submerged in too much water.

 And a view of the very full river.
 This is usually about a 5 ft slope down to the water.   I really need to get my canoe out while the launching would be so easy.
A very poorly filmed and even more poorly edited video.

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