Monday, October 2, 2017

The Goats - September 2017

Somehow (I blame Laddie) Trigger had scratches on his nose.  I took careful look and it didn't seem deep enough to be worried, but certainly looked bad enough to be very sore.  
 He ate well enough that night, but by the next morning he was standing away from the other three and not wanting to eat.
I was worried enough that I made an appointment at the vets.  I wondered if he had injuries inside his mouth that I couldn't see. Trigger just would not or could not open his mouth.  The vet worked hard to get him to eat or even open his mouth.  It wasn't easy.   In the end, the vet said he was fine and gave him a tetanus shot and sent me home with three more to give to the other goats.
 Everyone seems to be fine and thank goodness I didn't damage them doing the shots myself.  Boyd was kind enough to hold them while I quickly gave the shots.
 The goats even ventured down to the dog park one afternoon.

 The goats just love to be next to Boyd.

 Hard to tell from the picture, but Boyd filled in the massive holes that Laddie worked so hard all summer to dig.
 And, this explains why the bark on the hillside is always scattered about where it shouldn't be.
 Between the goats and the dog, I can't keep it raked up where I want it.

We have been working with the dog to not bite the goats' tails and hang on.  Baby steps I suppose.  We don't know how to train a dog and Laddie just wants to play. 

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