Thursday, October 26, 2017

Testing Corn 10/21/2017

Tis the season for frequently checking the corn to see if it is dry enough to harvest.

The first stop required us to remain in the truck while Boyd picked a few ears from just off the road.
 One dog with a constantly filthy face!
 Another one who is generally very clean. 

Here he comes!
 Seems like we aren't the only ones who come around to check out the corn.

 First we have to wait in the truck and then he leaves us behind!

 Notice how I am the only one NOT running after the truck.
 Boyd and his trusty companion.

Now comes the testing.  There is a system for where you place the ears in the truck to know from which part of the field it was picked. A system for which box gets the kernels first, etc.

 Things were looking great at first!  About 13 to 14% is the target range.

 These two just hang around hoping for a few dropped kernels to snack on.

 Or they take the stripped ear and chew on it off by themselves.

 Alternately, find a secret spot to bury it.

 Things soon went downhill as the moisture levels rose.

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