Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sunrise Walks

Jasmine and I have started to take an early morning walk to the end of the farm road and back now that Buddy is gone.  He had a difficult time walking that far, so we stopped going on longer walks.

It is simply beautiful at this time of day.  If I could just be assured that all skunks would stay out of my path, I could enjoy it 100%.

I took these photos with my iPhone - no edits.  I think the camera on the phone does a pretty good job!

 This next picture just baffles me.  The neighbors have done a decent job of actually building a fence to keep the cows on their side.  But, this!  That twisted looking piece of thick wire helps stabilize the fence, it is supposed to be placed halfway between the metal posts. It makes it more difficult for the cow to stick its' head through the fence and then manage to squeeze the whole body and escape. All along the fence, you will find these at random distances from the metal posts, but very rarely in the middle.
And, then there is this...  Jasmine loves to sniff and explore on the walks and sometimes that nose gets her in trouble.  Does anyone else have this weed in their yard?  It has little hair like tendrils that GRAB on and won't let go.

 And, if you look closely in this photo, you will see the goat.   Sage often follows us on the walk.  He bellows like he hates every step, but yet he still joins in.
 A couple of panoramas.

And, do you see that small puff of dust at the top middle of the field?
 That would be Jasmine chasing a bird.  All birds must be chased!!!  And barked at!!!

 I really do love the quiet early morning hours.

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