Sunday, June 5, 2016

Start of Summer

Friday was the last day of school!  Now, we can start summer.  Not that it means much to me, since I work year round.  I don't have to correct work, do web chats though.  
I need to think of some fun things to do so that in August I can at least pretend that I did something.
Maybe I will pain my bedroom finally.
I hope to take the canoe out at least once a week.
Maybe do some bonfires down by the river.

In the mean time, I know I will continue on with some things never changing.  Like this scene.
 Boyd and Sage (AKA Poindexter or Seymour) have this great love hate relationship.  Mostly the goat loves Boyd and Boyd tolerates (on a good day) the goat.
 Buddy and Jasmine still love the river, even though I am sure this is where we are picking up the ticks. It is also where we are meeting up with the skunks.  Jasmine got sprayed and then not 10 minutes later dove back into the same bush looking for more trouble.  Not the world's smartest dog.  At least I was smart enough to leave at that point.  I don't want to hang around where a dumb dog is going to get me sprayed.
 The neighbors put cows back on their land and Jasmine thinks it is her duty to warn them to stay on their own side. 
She needs to do a better job as we have already had one trespasser. Which makes this sign so funny!  Really???  You need to put a sign on our side of the fence warning us not to trespass?  I feel like flipping the sign to the other side of the fence to make it applicable.
Then, there's this guy and his portable flaming torch of utter destruction.  And, completely off topic: I'm mesmerized with the light coming through the tractor window.
Just a shot of Boyd working the field.  A definite start of summer activity.
And this one, how she catches these birds I will never know. 

And, lastly, a sure sign that summer is here.  A shirtless man and his dog paddling down the river in a canoe.  A good reason for me to spend more time hanging out down there. :)   Sorry, not a close up at all.  I was trying to be discreet.  I guess I could have asked him to paddle closer and pose.  Next time, for sure!

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