Sunday, November 23, 2014

More Power To ME!!!

Last year for Christmas, I asked for electricity.    It was already winter by the time I asked.   

 So finally, just barely before this winter set in, we got it done.   Boyd rented a trencher and mapped out where the lines would run.
We ran a large line to a box where someday Boyd might build a shop.
Even though we tried to bury the trench well, you have to step carefully.  Otherwise, you will end up twisting an ankle or worse.   We're working on getting that problem solved.
In the midst of all this, the diesel that we had in all the equipment was still summer grade and we had tractors that wouldn't start because of the cold that set in quickly.  Boyd needed to get the tractor started to help set the pole we are going to use for the yard light.
Here is a rather long video of the action.

I have a new light that shines both in to the dog pen and the goat pen.

We even ran the line out to the chicken coop.

And, thanks to everyone's hard work, I don't have to haul water and break ice every morning.

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