Thursday, November 13, 2014

Corn Harvest

Yay for corn that dries and can be combined before the snow flies!

 Yay for a great yield!

 Yay for the good old days of Fall when we had blue skies. 

 Yay for husbands who eat their hard work.   (????????)

 Yay for cool looking weeds on the ditch bank.

 Yay for mountains and white puffy clouds!

 Yay for dogs who love to eat corn!

 And those that would rather dine on mice.

 Yay for cousins who own really big grain carts!
 Yay for us for not having to pay to buy our own!
 Yay for husbands who take "selfies" while waiting for trucks to arrive and combines to start rolling.

Yay for another year's harvest!!!!

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