Monday, August 25, 2014

How to Check the Corn

 Look for some nice long ears.
 Make sure the sun's rays are covering the field.
 Notice the tasseling.
 Hope for bug free ears.
 Find a random ear that grew where the tassels should be.

 Send the farmer in for a height comparison.

 Take the stick in to really get a good idea of how tall it is.  9ft+
 Demonstrate how you were holding the stick.
 Do a Vanna White impression after you shuck an ear.
 Notice how many rows and how well filled in the kernels are.
Wish there were even more rows, because you just can't be satisfied with what you grew.
Check the stage of drying.  Dough stage right now.
 Find a few kernels that are starting to dimple.  Good sign that it might be dry enough to harvest before the snow falls.  Good thing for the wife who chose a longer day corn.
 Watch the sunset on another day of growing.

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  1. What would you do without your sidekick, Boyd? Actually, I guess he's the star of the post since he's the one that makes it all happen; but he definitely benefits from your pictures and commentary:)