Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fogarty Beach

At the suggestion of Blair's aunt, Chris, we made a stop at Fogarty beach.  We were supposed to be able to see whales from the bay.  No whales.
We did find agates however.  It seemed everyone at this beach had a small bucket and spent all their time wandering head down and randomly stopping to pick up rocks.  After a couple of conversations with friendly natives, we learned what to look for.  Jessica, Jen and I each went home with our very own agate.  Not large, but still a lucky find.

 We also found so many fossils embedded in the rock walls. 

 We were there at low tide. 
 High tide would come up completely against this rock wall.  You would be stranded, no place to go but to swim around to the beach.  Don't know how you would make it bashed up against the boulders.
 One person we talked to said that they had come to this same beach every day that week.  Three days prior, all of the boulders weren't there.   It seems they had all washed up on shore during the last couple of days.  They were everywhere!  So hard to imagine what the waves must have been like that brought in those boulders.

 I have to smile because in so many of the photos you will see us all with a sweatshirt tied around the waist.  You never knew when the breeze would pick up, but when it did, it was so COLD!

 I didn't take the time to get a good shot of Grace as the Little Mermaid, but she was SO EXCITED to wear her costume on the beach.
 Jess loved the tide pools.
 I loved watching the waves crash on the rocks.

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