Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Sister Melissa

 My sister, Melissa, passed away the evening of Feb. 28th.   Considering, the doctors predicted she wouldn't make it past her 1st birthday and she almost made it to her 46th, I'd say she proved them wrong.  She actually made a habit of proving the doctors wrong.  For years, we got the call that "this was the end, she can't go on much longer".  Yet, she did, many, many times.   In fact, the last doctor, Dr. Cook, even told us what to expect during the last days of life for most people, but added that Melissa never has and probably wouldn't now, respond like "most people". 
 My mom and all of my sisters were able to all go together to visit her a couple of days before she passed.  It wasn't easy, but it was right.

My mom wanted to choose a bright, happy floral spray for the casket.  The spray was perfect as was the simple graveside service.  When I die, I want something exactly like we did for Melissa.  We had one speaker, the sisters and Grace sang some songs and Boyd dedicated the grave.
 There are many things I could share about Melissa.  But I think I will sum it up with one comment.  Being the oldest, I often told my mom that if she had just stopped after having me, she would have had the perfect family.  But the truth is, it took my mom and dad three tries to have a perfect daughter.   My strong belief is that Melissa just needed to come to earth to gain a body, which she did.  She withstood many limitations and ailments during her time here.  I also strongly believe that I will see her again with her body made whole. 
 My Aunt Sybil started a tradition of leaving a pine cone or rock on the headstone when we visit a grave. 
 My sister is buried in Corinne, close to my dad.
Here is a link to her obituary.

 I didn't get a very good picture of the pall bearers since I was under the canopy behind the chairs.  They were Grady Hoskins, Blair Holmes, Jedd Hoskins, Justin Adams, Kenny Holmes, Boyd Reeder, and Jeff Adams.

A few of us drove back out to the cemetery later that evening.

 My testimony of the plan of salvation and many personal experiences leave no doubt in my mind that I will see not only my sister, but many others at a future time.

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