Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Happy List

This profound statement came across a social media feed, probably Facebook.   You know, where all the great minds ruminate or pontificate, whichever word fits best.

I am really good at bogging myself down with tasks and obligations.  Most of the tasks and obligations are needful.  They really are.  And, I suppose I can try to find happiness and joy in doing the task, but if you have to work that hard to find joy, what's the point?  I think lately the problem has been about balance.  I can completely accept the fact that I have to do "things".  But I need to remember to do "other things" that bring peace to my soul. 
Watching my animals brings peace to my soul, as does taking photos.  That is as long as I don't critique my photos, over thinking the shot does not help my enjoy photography.
So, the other night, March 4th to be exact, I took my camera out and just took pictures of any random thing.  It was fun.  So, here you have the results of that night, just for fun, no pressure or purpose in any photo.

 Eventually this bare patch of dirt will be sprouting peas.  The seeds are planted and when I last checked were beginning to swell and grow a radicle.

 My sunflower from last year.  The only plant to make it.

 And Maggie came for a visit and brought Jess with her.
Or Jess came for a visit and brought Maggie with her.  Not sure which statement is most accurate.
Here's hoping my happy list and what I do each day are one in the same!

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