Saturday, September 27, 2014

How to Paint the Bottom of a Duck Boat

In three easy steps...

Well, if you think these guys figured out how to paint the boat in three easy steps, you are sadly mistaken.  
They certainly get credit for being creative and using available tools and equipment, but it was anything but easy. 

All I know is one day Boyd told me that Jeff wanted to paint the bottom of his duck boat and that he would like Boyd to help him get it in a position he could paint it. 

At first I thought they were going to tip it over and rest it on the ground.  Somehow that didn't happen.  Too bad I had to leave and couldn't document the ordeal of positioning of the boat.   When I left they were taking off the motor and backing up the boat trailer.  When I came home we had an 18ft boat resting against our pine tree.  It was quite a sight!  I am really not sure what exactly took place, but it involved a bale fork with the forks removed, some chain and a come-along. 

All that happened one night.  The next night, Jeff came over to sand and prime the bottom.
 That boat sure seemed LARGE leaning against that tree.
 There was quite a bit of worrying and fretting the next day when the forecast was for heavy winds.
 But, never fear, Jeff was able to come back the third day and paint the bottom and let it dry for a day.
 I also missed the ordeal of getting the boat down because I was at work.  Why does all the fun happen when I am gone??????
 So glad everything held and the boat didn't crash to the ground!
 But, I do think I earned a trip in the boat sometime soon!

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