Saturday, July 23, 2016

Foster Goats

By a lucky coincidence, instead of helping my husband shuttle equipment to the South Farm early on the morning of the 4th of July, we ended up going mid morning.  And, happy day!!!!  We saw two goats running on the ditch bank of Chris Reeder's grain field.
Boyd called Chris and long story short - next thing you know, I took home two foster goats.  I did call and report the lost goats to the Sheriff's office, but at that point no one had reported them missing.
Some of the family came over to see the new additions.  I named the lighter colored boy, Indie and the darker girl, Penny.  You know, for Independence day.

These two are quite the athletic breed, Oberhasli/Nubian cross.  Penny is no bigger than my goat, but yet she managed to jump up on the ledge that stores my hay.

Well, a couple of days later our neighbor kid showed up in my driveway.  Yep, looking for his lost goats.  Never would I have guessed this kid would own goats.  In fact, he was leaving for an LDS mission in less than a week from when all of this happened.  Come to find out, he had two more goats.  And, connected to the long story which I made short, I suggested a possible location for the other two lost goats.  Wasn't too much later that same day that he returned with his other two goats and wanted me to keep them until he could get a better pen built for them.
Aren't they adorable??  I named these two Patriot and Freedom.  They are Nubian boys.
Sage wasn't too pleased to have company in his pen, but he slowly warmed up to them.

These two little ones were the sweetest things EVER!!!
Boyd thought it was amusing to watch me walk all four goats on a leash.  It is certainly easier to have my yard goat, one who doesn't wander too far and likes my company.   I only had my foster goats for a few days, but it was fun.  I would be willing to do it again for certain!

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