Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Yes, We Still Have Cats

 Seems like the poor cats don't get any blog time.
 Don't worry, they get plenty of attention.  They just don't cooperate with my camera and therefore have very few pictures. 
 Gilligan makes sure to get some house time by hanging out at the back door in the evenings.  He likes to come in and move back and forth between Boyd and I for some attention.  He will ALWAYS ultimately end up curled in a nice little ball in Boyd's lap.  Boyd is his favorite!

Belle our huge, black fur ball doesn't often leave the old house, especially in the cold weather.  She  demands her turn for attention also.  You have to be careful when you try to leave as she will swat her claws out and try to catch your arm to get you to stay.
Lucky for them they have heated mats and the attic of the shop all to themselves.

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